• K450GB (NG)
    (Grills - Gas Grills)

    Kalamazoo 450 Series Built-In Gas Grill - High-performance built-in gas grill with integrated cabinets and hassle-free cleaning. A Kalamazoo 450 or 900 Series Grill gives you the versatility to cook low and slow traditional American barbecue at 225°F or sear at temperatures of 800°F, and it can do everything in between. Grill, roast, bake, blacken, rotisserie. The powerful cast stainless steel gas burners deliver plenty of heat, and the deep cookbox engineering of a Kalamazoo creates a convection effect for unrivalled indirect cooking capabilities. A Kalamazoo helps the novice griller cook like a seasoned professional and the aspiring backyard chef make every outdoor cooking technique look easy.