Bosch Finish Salt For Dishwashers - SGZ9091UC


$21.00 CAD


Quality is in the details.

Bosch dishwashers are engineered to the highest standards. Every Bosch dishwasher undergoes 485 quality checks, so that we can deliver quality that you can count on.

Why Bosch is the #1 brand for dishwashers worldwide.*

From always putting our customers first, to engineering thoughtful innovations that make your life easier, see why Bosch is the #1 brand for dishwashers worldwide.* *Source: Euromonitor, volume sales, 2018.

  • 485 quality checks on every dishwasher.

Technical Specifications

  • Valid for all 800 Plus and ADA (SGE) Dishwasher Skus Only
  • Finish Brand dishwasher specific salt, to facilitate performance of the unit's water softener - 4.4 lbs (2 kg) pack
  • Includes Instruction Manual in English, French and Spanish
  • Softener Salt (part number 469559) - Softens water used in the dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning. Reduces hard water residue and build-up.
Construction type
Concealed heating elementNo
Panel readyNot possible
Removable topNo
Interior lightNo
Construction type
Water softenerNo
Size and Weight
Adjustable plinthNo
Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in)x x
Net weight1.8 kg
Net weight4.000 lbs
Home ConnectNo
Consumption values
Glass protectionNo

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