30" Liebherr 14.5 Cu. Ft. Combined Refrigerator-Freezer with BioFresh and NoFrost - MCB3050

SKU : MCB3050

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German Engineering

Our superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and innovative features that best fit your lifestyle. The use of high quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes, and elite cooling components are combined with the latest production processes, resulting in an outstanding cooling product.



The entire line of North American Liebherr appliances meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® rating requirements, greatly reducing greenhouse emissions and energy costs.



Your Liebherr may well be standing in the kitchen – but if you want, it can also be connected to the Internet at any time. The SmartDeviceBox opens the door to all the Smart Home benefits. Simply plug it in, switch it on and connect your Liebherr to the network via WiFi. The Monolith is supplied with a SmartDeviceBox.



The BioFresh Plus Safe guarantees you a perfect storage climate and extra-long freshness of fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products as well as fish and seafood – all in just one compartment. Depending on the food, the Meat & Dairy safe can be divided into various temperature zones from just over 0 °C (32 °F) to an icy -2 °C (28 °F).



The Monolith also impresses with maximum comfort at sub-zero temperatures. Its NoFrost technology always keeps the freezer compartment free of ice and prevents food from becoming covered in frost. It makes defrosting a thing of the past.



DuoCooling technology uses two completely separate refrigeration circuits to prevent air from being exchanged between the fridge and freezer compartments. This protects food in the refrigerator compartment from dry air from the freezer compartment. Also, odours do not mingle and the foods retain their own aroma. There is no air exchange between the fridge and freezer compartments, odour transfer is prevented and stored food does not dry out.



Shhh – listen carefully. Your Liebherr is so quiet that you have to strain your ears to hear it. How is this achieved? All refrigeration components such as compressors, valves, fans and evaporators are optimised and perfectly adapted to one another. This means you only hear what you want to hear in your kitchen.



For a touch more comfort, the user-friendly InfinitySwipe electronic touch control with a bright and clear 3.5-inch display can be operated intuitively and effortlessly via touch & swipe.



Monolith’s seamlessly integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow that can be adjusted according to taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors, and a pleasing night dimming feature. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality.



Simply quick chill just-bought groceries to preserve optimum food freshness, while sealing in flavors and maintaining essential vitamins and minerals.



Simply quick freeze just-bought groceries to preserve optimum food freshness, while sealing in flavors and maintaining essential vitamins and minerals.



The seamlessly integrated, flush-mounted InfinitySpring internal water dispenser is there when you need it, and virtually invisible when you don’t, and can accommodate pitchers of any size. Liebherr’s filtration system eliminates harmful contaminates, resulting in crisp, clear, fresh tasting water.



Monolith’s automatic IceMaker produces 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds) of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capability. With a 1.8 kg (4-pound) storage capacity, you’ll never be without.



Thanks to the SoftSystem soft stop mechanism for built-in appliances, the doors close particularly gently and quietly. Depending on its size, the hinges of the Monolith’s door panels can bear up to 40 kg (88 lbs) of extra weight.



The high-performance PowerCooling system from Liebherr ensures that freshly stored groceries are cooled quickly and that the cooling temperature is evenly distributed throughout the interior. In the Monolith, cold air can also circulate behind the door so that food stored in the door stays just as cold as it does in the interior.


Gallon Storage

Monolith’s durable and elegant door shelves provide more space and convenience. Store gallon jugs of tea, juice and milk on the door, freeing up the refrigerator’s interior shelves for everything from party platters to fresh salad bowls.


Active Green

Sustainable and energy-efficient with ActiveGreen. The Monolith features state-of-the-art cooling technologies with climate-neutral refrigerants and minimal energy consumption. The Active Green initiative covers the entire production process right up to recyclable packaging.


BioFreshPlus with SoftTelescopic

Opens and closes safely and comfortably. The convenient self-closing mechanism with soft closing for the BioFresh Safe in the Monolith makes daily use practical and safe. The telescopic rails let the drawer gently slide towards you. And because it extends all the way, you have a perfect view of the contents.


Freezer drawer pull-outs

Open up to maximum comfort. All the freezer drawers run smoothly on telescopic rails and even when full you can comfortably open them, look inside and gently close them again thanks to the SoftTelescopic self-closing mechanism.


Freezer drawer pull-outs with SoftTelescopic

Opens and closes safely and comfortably. The convenient self-closing mechanism with soft closing for the freezer drawers in the Monolith makes daily use practical and safe. The telescopic rails let the drawers gently slide towards you. And because it extends all the way, you have a perfect view of the contents.


FrostSafe system

Reliable quality even below zero. The Monolith’s drawer, which is integrated in the freezer drawer, is completely enclosed by the FrostSafe system, thus preventing unwanted air exchange and the loss of cooled air. This prevents temperature fluctuations and freezer burn.


Integrated bottle shelf

Expecting guests and want to chill a few more drinks than usual? The bottle shelf above the BioFresh safes exists for this very reason: Simply remove the glass shelf above the bottle shelf in one easy step – and you can now safely store and cool bottles of various sizes.



An eye-catcher every time you open it. The Monolith models with the generous LargeDoor format with a width of 75 cm (29 in) or 90 cm (35 in) open up a world of extra-long-lasting freshness. The LargeDoor appliances combine innovative refrigeration and freezing technologies to create an impressive experience.



The automatic IceMaker will always produce enough ice for your party. If lots of guests are coming, just activate the MaxIce function and around 150 ice cubes will be made within 24 hours.


Panel ready

Whether with classically elegant stainless steel fronts or seamlessly integrated into the design of your kitchen – a Monolith adapts individually to your personal style. The choice of different handles is one of the options for this. The range of design variants mean your Monolith will be a unique item for you to open every day.


VCC 4-speed compressor

The up to 25% more efficient VCC 4-speed compressor of the Monolith is particularly powerful, energy-efficient and quiet. It operates at exactly the right speed to bring your refrigerator to the right temperature. The “SuperCool” and “SuperFrost” settings are also suitable for quickly cooling produce from big shopping trips.

General product information
Model typeCombined refrigerator-freezer with BioFresh and NoFrost for integrated use
Output and consumption
Energy consumption in 24h1.397kWh / 24h
Energy consumption per year510kWh/a
Climate classSN-T
Humidity range-
Noise level38dB
Voltage115 V ~
Frequency60 Hz
Connection rating3.0 A 236.2 W
Control and functions
Control unitTouch & Swipe
Number of regulated refrigeration circuits3
Temperature displayFridge, freezing compartment& BioFresh safe
Front frame heatingpresent
Child proofingYes
Type of control3,5" LCD colour display, touch and swipe
Position of control unitbehind the door
Malfunction: Warning signaloptical and acoustical
Door open: Warning signal, refrigerator compartmentaudible
Door open: Warning signal, freezer compartmentaudible
Refrigerator compartment
Adjustable temperature range+36 °F to +44 °F
Freshness technologyBioFresh
extendible on telescopic railsYes
Interior light of BioFresh safeDown light
Defrosting methodautomatic
Forced air coolingYes
FreshAir filterin valve
Interior lightIlluminated side wall
Number of storage shelves3
of which height-adjustable2
Bottle rack1
Egg tray-
Storage rackGallon rack
Freezer compartment
Adjustable temperature range+7 °F to -17 °F
Cooling technologyNoFrost
Defrosting methodautomatic
Storage time during interruptions in power supply17h
Freezing capacity in 24 h in pounds24.3pounds
No. of drawers in freezer compartment2
Interior lightLED ceiling lighting
4-star freezer compartment-
Ice cube tray-
Design and materials
Material door shelvesGlass
Storage shelf material, refrigerator compartmentGlass
Material adjustable shelves freezer compartment-
Door materialSteel
Set-up and installation
Type of installationDesigned for integrated use
Door assemblyFixed door
Door hingesRight reversible
Door opening angle115°
Levelling bars-
VentilationBase ventilation
Plug typeUSA
Connector cable (length)2,500mm
Aperture height84 1/16inch
Range of appliance width30inch
Min. depth25inch
Exterior dimensions height/width/depth83 3/4|29 11/16|24 1/16inch
Dimensions packed hwd in inches85 7/16 | 32 5/16 | 30 1/8inch
Weight (without packaging)407.9pounds
Weight (with packaging)440.9pounds
Total gross volume17.4cubic feet
Gross volume of the fridge compartment11.9cubic feet
of which BioFresh2.6cubic feet
of which cellar-temperature compartment0.0cubic feet
Gross volume of the freezer compartment5.6cubic feet

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